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Official release: November 14, 2022

“Liberty, an album to achieve absolute freedom” 🕊

This project marks a decisive change in my artistic career, I wanted to break away from film music and reach a much closer audience, those who speak my language. It is designed to resonate with humans whether good or bad 😇😈

The Liberty project was originally intended to free me from the fear of judgment, to encourage action by instinct by listening to my heart. Now it becomes the symbol of acceptance of the person I am and of mental deliverance.

Between philosophy and spirituality, between light and darkness, I wanted to reveal myself, expose myself, share my story, by speaking to you in the most raw, most truthful way. It took me courage to create it, it will also take courage to listen to it. So it’s not fiction, it’s fucking truth✨



01 – Monde Libéral
02 – Démon Adoré
03 – Déesse Du Sexe
04 – Asile Du Bonheur
05 – Art Du Mouvement
06 – Le Putain De Paradis
07 – Confiance Absolue
08 – Jardin Public
09 – Mort Heureuse
10 – Liberty

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