“To make an album is to write a book in which each music is a chapter.”

“Music leads to the discovery of one’s emotions and defines who we are.”

“I see music as energy, I want my life to be a rock ‘n’ roll sound.”

“I’m convinced that my music will still earn me dollars even in the afterlife.”


“In our modern societies, the body is protected but the mind is vulnerable.”

“Don’t forget that life is a fucking comedy.”

“Externalizing our suffering by sharing it with others leads us to a form of liberation.”

“I love the sweetness of dance and the violence of combat.”


“The more fear guides us, the more it leads us to death.”

“Only when we become fully aware of our death can we truly live.”

“Man is as angelic as he is diabolical.”

“I cured my bipolar disorder by seeing escorts, a huge thank you to them.”


“To face one’s dream is to distance oneself from the people who oppose it and join those who believe in it.”

“The school taught us how to be good citizens, how to make money, but no one taught us how to find our dreams and heal our deepest suffering.”

“I like to dream of a charismatic life.”

“Even if I earn my living with my dream job, I prefer to continue my real, more down-to-earth job.”


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