”  The duduk is the musical instrument that allows you to exteriorize your greatest suffering. “

” Music leads to the discovery of one’s emotions and defines who we are. ”

” To make an album is to write a book in which each music is a chapter. ”

” A work can really exist only when its author understands the meaning of his life. ”


” In our modern societies, the body is protected but the mind is vulnerable. ”

” Happiness is inner, it does not depend on wealth, not on material, let alone comfort. ”

” Externalizing our suffering by sharing it with others leads us to a form of liberation. ”

” The strongest emotion in man is sadness, it is only when there are tears of inspiration that hatred declines. ”


” The more fear guides us, the more it leads us to death.”

” Only when you become fully aware of your death can you choose your life.”

” Man must never fight, except against himself, for he knows where his worst enemy really is.”

” Depression isn’t the best thing that can happen to you in life, but if you agree to let yourself down, it will allow you to touch the bottom, to reach the freedom to be able to lose everything and bounce back to the path of fulfillment.”


” The school taught us how to be good citizens, how to make money, but no one taught us how to find our dreams and heal our deepest suffering.”

” Talent is obtained with work, work is obtained with idea, idea is obtained with curiosity, curiosity is obtained with education. Ultimately, talent is knowing your potential.”

” To face one’s dream is to distance oneself from the people who oppose it and join those who believe in it.”


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