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Bravo for this relaxing and inspiring music They soothe and allow you to refocus Totally in line with my personality

Ligier claudie

Just a guy looking for something new to listen to.

Leonard Keybaum

Found you on Spotify and love it. Amazing music. Keep it up!


Music that is totally in tune with my personality... A real favorite... I love it, keep going


Can't believe I never took the time to write here. I'll make it quick: HOENIX is simply one of the best musicians of his generation. His ability to explore different universes and humans' complex emotions is so unique that you can instantly recognize his music. His music is a blessing to the ears, and working with him has been an immense privilege. Long live the (P)HOENIX.


Discovered by chance on Youtube, I put the albums on after discovering you through the 'Mastery' album. I'm happy to be able to support you in a modest way, as I subscribe to the music and both the lyrics and the vision speak to me. You're on my list of artists to follow, and in my ears as I move forward with my own projects. I wish you all the best in the future, and continue to let the truth rip you apart, so that you can reach ever closer to your own. Truth is difficult, radical, and when we touch ourselves we become strangers, and when we speak to others we disturb them. I wish you all the best for the future.


I really like your music. It inspired me.

Jakob Strahl

Hoenix I've been listening to your music for a while and I'm in love with it you compose the most wonderful divine music I've heard don't give up I'm waiting for something new because your music gives me powerful energy and mysterious strength to you lots of positivity and support to you from me ❤️❤️


I listen to music constantly while working, during the Epic Music period, Spotify offered me Hoenix, as I do when music appeals to me, I looked for the source on the web.... Music by Hoenix is very well structured, so much so that the first times we hear it, we indulge in tender and deep reveries, then as we dig deeper, we appreciate the talent in the assembly of instruments and rhythms. .. I love it, I really recommend attentive listening 😉


I discovered Hoenix not long ago and I haven't really looked into it further. One evening I sat down and decided to listen to one of the compositions again, this time with headphones and at that moment, thanks to my imagination, I was taken very far into a world that I didn't even think existed. I don't often make messages like this but when I do, it's because I'm really amazed by the work you do and frankly we feel the passion and gentleness that you give to this work. strength and emotion. I am an amateur videographer and filmmaker and seeing one of this music in one of my future films would be a dream. continues to make us dream. Respect also to the people who help you with your projects.


Of great maturity (despite his young age), these compositions have an artistic and intellectual depth that few artists can boast of having. I highly recommend. /Alex Cortés

Alex Cortés

I discovered HOENIX thanks to the magnificent short film "Introspection" with which I fell in love with the soundtrack. Since then, I have assiduously followed Cyril's work which is grandiose, original with his style which is easily recognizable. Each title is a journey towards elsewhere which completely disconnects us from where we are and pierces us deep within ourselves.


Not a fan of female voices/choruses in general, this time however, in your music, everything is part of a whole... large, powerful, fundamental even. Your musical expression infuses a nuance of the sacred into everyday life. Sincerely, T.


Amazing work ! I love what you do ! Congratulations ! Your recording techniques are super interesting, it’s very inspiring! Keep it up, it’s really cool!


I sincerely hope one day to hear you in a very big blockbuster. You deserve it, your place is among the greatest. I don't like to exaggerate and here I'm not exaggerating at all, you just don't have the contact or the person who could listen and advise a good director to take you on as Musicmaker.


Hello, I apologize for the possible illiteracy of the words. I am Russian and I don't know French. I want to thank you. For your creativity. It helped me overcome my illness. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. But I believed in your idea that the mind can heal the body. And I've been off meds for a year now, and I'm healthy, and a lot of that is thanks to you. You inspired me. Completely change your life. Your music heals the soul, inspires and awakens the innermost feelings of the soul. A feeling of delight, pride, exultation, joy, awakens faith in one's own strength, gives hope. You have great talent, don't shy away from music. You will be able to achieve great success in this field. Only our will is capable of leading us to the pedestal of our success. The main strength of a person is the strength of the mind (Yu.A. Gagarin, the first man in space).


Thank You for Your deeply emotive music. Très magnifique

David King

Your music has had a major role in my life, I absolutely love it! It's so exciting to hear our first project come to life, finally! Hoenix is the best! <3


Ты просто волшебник! Нашёл тебя через Спотифай. Будто рука самого господа Бога коснулась моей души через твою музыку. Ты талант, парень, не сдавайся


Been listening to your music since your release of "Inner storm" and "Collapse". Really love your work. The music is very unique in its genre and brings up emotions that can't be described.


Musica …… musica che apre il cuore e la mente ! In un mondo che non è nostro siamo solo ospiti e sta scadendo il tempo ………


Just discovered your music and it is so different to anything else I listen to, but i don't think I have ever enjoyed an album as much as I did with collapse. Can't wait to listen to your other works!


Are you really naked in your pic?


I had many astral dreams until recently, with the departure of my soulmate. In these gifts in the form of reliefs or trips I understood that everything is made of vibration, in one of them I heard a music similar to traces of Elevation. Since then I've been trying to learn to compose like you do, if you can give me some advice to start and continue sowing goodness and good vibes in this world, I'd appreciate it. Thank you very much for your work. I reach my soul. Raul GR from Madrid.


Thank you for your music. It embraces you, making one soar towards a higher propose.

Diana Agudo

Your music is very magnificent. I go to another world when I listen.

Akratic Elitist

Just want to say that your music has helped me in so many ways, elevation is by far one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard. I have all albums and they just bring joy to the ears. You sir Hoenix are a creative genius.


I could say all kinds of eloquent shit about your work but I'll leave it at I love it and I hope you keep making more. Also, how do you pronounce Hoenix. I want to make sure I'm saying it right when I'm evangelizing.


Hey, I just want to let you know that your music stirs the soul. It is truly exceptional, on par with City of the Fallen, or Globus, for example. I'm a traditional teacher of Vedanta, and a software developer, and your music is a superb gateway to heightening my creative conciousness. I'm very fond of the Armenian Duduk (merely a complete beginner), but the haunting tunes tug at my heart, tearing at my psyche. Never the same person through each journey of your albums. Thank you. Hari Om. Rob

Rob Harrison

happened upon Your Samsara while visiting "Epic Mondays Music Extensions".... gracias for the Religious Experience!


I just discovered your music, it is quite beautiful, I feel privileged to hear it, thank you.


You wrote that after your diagnosis you have been struggling with writing more music, yet your last album is the very peak of the definition of what Hoenix stands for. I dare say it is your best work yet. Please never give up, Cyril. Your soul speaks through your music and it has touched many of us. The depth and the energy you create through your sounds are unbelievable. New fan, Andy


The best of the best, I’m listening to your Art since day one, when someone ask what is art means ! I says listen to HOEINX music, just taking u to another dimension, it’s just password to the creative world . Tawhid I can listen all day long My dream is to be a Director and will comes true, I will take a promise of using your music coz this will complete the mission of creating a Masterpiece🔥. Thank u HOENIX for everything for the Golden Elements🙏🏼

Mukatrin Hamza

The best of the best, I’m listening to your Art since day one, when someone ask what is art means ! I says listen to HOEINX music, just taking u to another dimension, it’s just password to the creative world . Tawhid I can listen all day long My dream is to be a Director and will comes true, I will take a promise of using your music coz this will complete the mission of creating a Masterpiece🔥. Thank u HOENIX for everything for the Golden Elements🙏🏼


I enjoy your song elevation, I find myself playing over and over the vocal part, I’m curious to know which language it is and it’s meaning ( sounds Inut or Native American but I can’t be sure)

Mauricio Martinez

Excellent music

Erik Edwin Klein

One of the best musicians I have ever heard. It's different and mesmerizing and just simply so freakin good!!! I could listen to Samsara all day long and never get tired of it. This man has such a talent!!! Thank you for your amazing and beautiful music!!! Cannot wait to hear more!!!


Great Cyril! It is an immense pleasure to be slightly connected with you throughout your amazing songs. Their emotions and strength are so deep and powerful, as like they're voices from the elements of nature. You are making magic! Merci!


Hello! I have to tell you that you have the right feeling for music. This is great because not many have it. Carry on with your great work 🙂


Message to Hoenix ; Hey, please do us a favor. I hope you already did it, but you need to read the comments of the different Channel who published your work. What you have created is just wonderful, and you give it to us like that, with no apparition, no reply, nothing. So i just want to let you know if you read this comment, that we are all thanking you, what you've done is just beautiful and make a lot of people feel a strange way but a good one. I hope you didn't quit making music cause what you did is wonderful and above all, is an unforgettable things. Thank you.

Aksel Sgh

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