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Excellent music

Erik Edwin Klein

One of the best musicians I have ever heard. It's different and mesmerizing and just simply so freakin good!!! I could listen to Samsara all day long and never get tired of it. This man has such a talent!!! Thank you for your amazing and beautiful music!!! Cannot wait to hear more!!!


Great Cyril! It is an immense pleasure to be slightly connected with you throughout your amazing songs. Their emotions and strength are so deep and powerful, as like they're voices from the elements of nature. You are making magic! Merci!


Hello! I have to tell you that you have the right feeling for music. This is great because not many have it. Carry on with your great work 🙂


Message to Hoenix ; Hey, please do us a favor. I hope you already did it, but you need to read the comments of the different Channel who published your work. What you have created is just wonderful, and you give it to us like that, with no apparition, no reply, nothing. So i just want to let you know if you read this comment, that we are all thanking you, what you've done is just beautiful and make a lot of people feel a strange way but a good one. I hope you didn't quit making music cause what you did is wonderful and above all, is an unforgettable things. Thank you.

Aksel Sgh

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