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Official release: September 16, 2021

”An album to unify them all.”



01 – Hoenix Duduk
02 – Samsara
03 – Zazen (feat. Anastassia Vanja)
04 – Altar (feat. Anne-Charlotte Montville)
05 – Shalom
06 – Tawhid
07 – Shirk
08 – Solar
09 – Lordly
10 – Serenity (feat. Leïla Taïga)


Composer : Cyril Giroud d’Argoud
Singers : Anne-Charlotte Montville, Anastassia Vanja and Leïla Taïga
Acoustic guitarist: Ludovic Delespierre
Electric guitarist: Droux Malum
Album cover  Félix Pierron & Sébastien Veraguas

« Dans nos sociétés modernes, le corps est protégé mais l’esprit est vulnérable. »

Close your eyes and take a breathe
You enter a wild forest
your walk with the whistling wind
Follow the birds in the sunbeam
Each Tree is a Living Temple
Harmony, unbelievable
Connecting with your very soul
a leaf a stone, or a beetle

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