Originally from Cannes, I discovered music through the self-taught practice of classical instruments, especially that of the piano. Composition and sound creation arrived in 2005, by installing software out of simple curiosity.

For three years, I studied at ESRA, a school providing training in film and sound professions. During these studies, I built the Hoenix entity.

My love for music is evolving, a love that knows no boundaries and brings communities together. I am moving towards melancholic melodies, pure sounds that lead to reflection. Nature becomes a source of inspiration and for weeks I regularly isolate myself in the forest to record nature sounds to use them in my music. I wish to spread love, peace, all over the world on a path that no one has taken.

In 2016, I left the south of France to join the city of lights: Paris. My music is popular on social media, with over a million plays for “Introspection“.

In 2019, after spending 3 years in Paris, I decided to return to my native region and isolate myself in nature to continue my music. I am setting up my production studio in a country house. Now is the perfect time to take my first album “Collapse” to the next level. After 6 months of intensive work, the album is as dark as it is luminous, each of the music accompanies us on a therapeutic and emotional journey.

In 2020, I sign on the prestigious Epic Music World label, with the title “Samsara“, a music inspired by Buddhism, where I play for the first time the duduk (Armenian oboe).

In 2021, after being diagnosed with bipolar (mental disorder), I am having difficulty continuing to play music. Eventually, I managed to compose my second album “Serenity” inspired by spirituality. I bring together different peoples on the same project: an album to unify them all.

In 2022, I decide to start my third album “Liberty“, I see it as a diary where I share all my truths. In particular, I explain how I cured bipolar disorder without going through chemical treatments. An album to free myself from the fear of judgment and achieve absolute freedom.

In 2023, I am producing a fourth album “Mastery”. I see this new opus as a quest for power and a reconnection to our full potential. Inspired by apnea under the ice, by fights in the basement, this album takes you towards ultimate mastery.


🙏 A big thank you to my collaborators:

Elvya (shamanic singer)

Jai (shamanic singer)

Leïla Taïga (shamanic singer)

Anne-Charlotte Montville (soprano singer)

Anastassia Vanja (singer)

Aurélie Plonka (violinist)

Matthieu Lecoq (cellist)

Ludovic Delespierre (acoustic guitarist)

Droux Malum (electric guitarist)

Martina Russo (percussionist)

Benoît Martin (trumpeter) 

Lionel Prado (video clip director)

Sébastien Veraguas (studio photographer)

Félix Pierron (album cover designer)

Louis-Gabriel Bois (web developer)


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