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Official release: September 29, 2023

🔱 “ Welcome to Mastery. Forget happiness, you don’t need anyone to feel alive and as long as you’re alive, your life is a fucking success. You will have to fight weakness, heading to the darkness. Your goal is not to be happy, but to be alive. ” ⚔️

Project theme: quest for power. 
Influences: training, surpassing, extreme resistance.
Goal of the project: forge a mind made of hardened steel, obtain a physique made of reinforced concrete, transform any weakness into a strength.


01 – Rules
02 – Lion Force (feat. Jai)
03 – Under Ice (feat. Elvya)
04 – Basement Fight
05 – Goddess Of Liberty
06 – Steel Bull
07 – Kalashnikov
08 – Inner Pain (feat. Elvya)
09 – Mastery (feat. Jai)


Composer: Cyril Giroud d’Argoud
Singers: ElvyaJai
Guitarist: Ludovic Delespierre
Trumpeter: Benoît Martin
Album cover: Félix Pierron

Under Ice (feat. Elvya) [LYRICS]

Stay and
Heal and
Die and
Breathe and
Search and
Be and
Find and

Mastery (feat. Jai) [LYRICS]

All the lies crumble down
Shadow burning
To the ground
The light within will guide the way

Returning to the ancient ways
I’ll find myself among the sage
The call inside to come back home

This body this earth
This temple
Remind me how to surrender
And serve her with each breath I take

Oh the earth is crying out reconnect to sacred ground
Planting seeds for future days

Feel the voices all around
Ancestors holding space for now
Illuminate which path to take

Feeling the calling deep inside
The parts of you want to hide
No more time to stay the same

Ahhh ohhhh una heya
Una heya heya heya heya ho

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