HOENIX is a musical energy characterized by dark sounds that come from Olympus Mons. In the spiritual dimension, the entity Hoenix wants to be a singular music oriented towards the depth.

A trilogy to represent the civilizations of the world.

« Introspection », a first title that is born on the summits of the French Alps, during a cold night near for a campfire, which suggests the embers crackling.

« Incarnation » a second title that takes place this time in the isolated Himalayan range in a Tibetan monastery. A music accompanied by Anastasia Vanja, whose powerful voice echoes through the mountains.

« Elevation » is the third musical component. This musical composition is formed in North Dakota, at the heart of Native American civilization, accompanied by the shamanic voice of Leila Mandelbrot.


Composition – Sound Design

Valuing the singularity of your entity (concept, brand, communication, advertising, film …) through an original custom music. Enhance your projects by using a personalized sound that matches your own story.



For any request of collaboration, estimate or license, do not hesitate to contact Antony, agent of the entity HOENIX.